A great and blessed life

I was 12 when I received the Holy Spirit. I knew this with great certainty because I spoke in tongues just as the Bible described had happened to the first Christians in the Book of Acts. The following week I was baptized by emersion as Jesus and all those in the early church had been.

I had been brought up in a family that believed in God in a “great creator – far away in the universe” kind of way. We had no idea you could have a relationship with the great creator or that the Bible was relevant to our lives in the modern world. So when my dad became very sick, our mainstream church gave us little comfort or expectation that miracles were possible today, we were left with little hope for the future.

At about this time, friends of my mother had started to talk with some people who believed in miracles and thought she might be interested as there was no other hope for my dad. Mum and dad were interested and were soon baptized in water and filled with the Holy Spirit themselves. From this point on God started to work miracles in our lives, starting with healing my dad.

Even as a child I knew the new church was something quite different from the old one. We read the bible, not a catechism. We could read for ourselves the things that God requires and his promises to us. We were baptized under the water at an age when we understood what was happening, we didn’t sprinkle babies. We believed that God heard and answered prayers. And we had evidence that we had received the Holy Ghost not just someone’s word for it at a Confirmation ceremony.

I’ve had a great and blessed life with the assurance that God’s promises are true and relevant for life today. Lyn Tankey

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