Transformed from a life of crime.

G’day folks, my name is Ronald and I had my life changed by the power of GOD’S HOLY SPIRIT about 30 years ago inside Adelaide Gaol.

I had hit rock bottom and was searching for the meaning of life but was very dubious of religion. However it seemed logic to me that if there was a God, he would provide a PLAN and it would have to be available to ALL.

When in Gaol I read many books including the Bible. But I needed to be directed further as on the outset its hard to get into.  So I met a dude that had reportedly had an experience with the power of GOD. I wanted evidence that could rescue and restore my trust. After talking he asked me to pray, I was wondering if he was some kind of crackpot, but then I felt something. Something powerful and comforting and Lord knows I did not have any drugs at that time. He told me that to SPEAK IN TONGUES was important. I said show me in the Bible where it was and he showed me Mark 16 these signs shall follow, one of which was speaking in tongues. So I struck while the iron was hot and asked GOD IN PRAYER for this GIFT AND SIGN and it happened and it was so powerful and overwhelming I was buzzing for hours.  12 months later I got baptized and gave up drugs alcohol and cigarettes easily. I tried before and couldn’t.

Since then I got employment and a house and been healed miraculously of many things.


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