Drawn to find an answer

My name is Thomas.

This is my story. At the age of 20 I had come to the conclusion that life and the living of it was pretty futile (as we all die), possessions, fame, status nor money would be of any use to us in that state. It was at this point that I questioned the existence of a God. I seemed drawn to find an answer. There was and are so many religions and beliefs out there and they all professed to have the true way? I was at a crossroad in my life and I really had to know! So in all sincerity I asked God to direct me on how to find him personally. The Christian belief stated the Bible was the inspired words of God. The Bible is an explanation on the creation of the world and how we came into being, how we should live and how we can attain relationship with God and where we will end up. The Bible says that God sent part of himself in the form of a man ‘Jesus’ and that this man would live and feel and know life as we do, that he would be unjustly accused and judged to death (crucifixion) that God would allow this for a sacrifice to bare the sins of all mankind. The Bible also states that God would send part of himself (in the form of a spirit) to dwell in those that believe in him.

I found myself in a church, I was wary of the people, the words of God inspired me to get baptized in water and I confessed that in my faith believing that God/Jesus was and is real to me. A couple of weeks later whilst riding my bike I received the Holy Spirit infilling as Jesus had proclaimed. I spoke in tongues and this was and is an indisputable fact that happened to me personally.

I have been in fellowship the past 30 years and God has never let me down, though I have made many bad choices and suffered the consequences (rightly so). When I acknowledged my errors to God he forgives me by his grace and I have peace again.

Through the hurt and numbness of divorce (when I stopped asking why) he gave me peace and comfort. Through sickness and injury, he healed me or carried me through. In my business in recession and trouble, he provided and gave me answers.

When I turn to God he smiles at me.

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