At the age of 24, Jesus called me

Hello my name is John Tepper.

This is how I found Jesus Christ or really how He found me.

I was born into a Lutheran family; my father was a Lutheran minister. From this I gained a belief in God and the bible.

However at the age of 17, I considered it all lost as science had ‘proved’ evolution and atheism to be true. From this point I went on a selfish pleasure seeking lifestyle, enjoying all the worldly pleasures.

Then at the age of 24 Jesus called me again.

This time biblical scriptures were shown to me on what Jesus required me to do to follow Him and experience His presence.

Still having a respect for the bible I followed the instruction given in Acts 2:38. As I was baptized Jesus filled me with His Holy Spirit and I spoke in heavenly languages and received his gift of prophecy.

Immediately all my worries and fears about life, death and the future were answered.

Since that day, 37 years ago, I have believed in Him and have experienced many answered prayers. I have also seen Him heal many times and have felt His great love.

If you would like to hear more I would be happy to talk to you.

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