My life changed as God began to teach me

As a child I went to Sunday school and always believed that there was a God and his son was Jesus. My mother bought me story books of Jesus which I loved. I attended a Sunday school which did not let their children wear makeup and at the age of 13 I stopped going because I wanted to be like my girlfriends and wear lipstick.

I married and in 1970 my 4 year old younger daughter was diagnosed with cancer. She was in hospital every 3 months for treatment and at the age of 7 she passed away. It was then that I decided that it was not possible that there was a God or my beautiful daughter would be alive. Within 12 months my marriage and my life was in ruin.

In 1984 I was selling real estate and met a lady who told me that she had a niece who had been healed from the same cancer that had taken Joanne’s life. She told me the full gospel which I had never heard before and said that I needed to bury my old life in baptism and receive the Holy Spirit. I went to the Revival Centre meeting and was baptised and then while being prayed over I did receive the Holy Spirit. I spoke in other tongues which the Bible says is the evidence of receiving the gift.

From that time my life changed as God began to teach me how He wanted me to live my life. I stopped drinking alcohol and swearing, not because anybody said that I should, but because the desire was completely gone.

I have been married in the Lord to a wonderful man and although there have been and still are health problems we know that we have a strength that carries us through. Any problems that come along we pray about and take each day as it comes along.

I praise God for His love, grace and mercy.   Sylvia Fogarty

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