Form of righteousness but denied the power thereof

My name is Jesse.

I was brought up in a religious family, and attended church regularly with my family and was quite familiar with the many bible stories.

I was baptized as a baby with the sprinkling of water. The church certainly held a form of righteousness, but it was not until 1975 when I was baptized the Bible way by immersion and received the gift of the Holy Spirit by speaking in tongues, that I realized that the church I attended for 40 years, did have a form of righteousness but denied the power thereof.

So in 1975 when I was directed to the truth, I came to the crossroads of my life do I still attend the church, or, follow the direction the disciples took on the day of Pentecost

After attending meetings of the revival fellowship, I witnessed many miracles done through the Name of Jesus. I had always been a fortunate person not having any serious illnesses, and never had been tempted to smoke or drink alcohol. My real need was to strengthen my faith in the Lord, and I thank Him for the love and sacrifice He has done for me.

When I worked at a Mining Firm, one of the geologists came to my home to tell me he had become a Christian. I had not witnessed to him, but he said it was my testimony that made him seek the Lord.

May we all be a testimony as unto the Lord.

Praise the Lord.

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