Why are we here?

My name is Jack.

My son, at 14 years old asked me “Why are we here?”  I could not give him an answer!  A few years later he found the answer and told me!

He went to a Pentecostal meeting and was baptized by full immersion, received the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues as proof of this.  He was followed later by my wife and two daughters who all had the same experience.

After much debate God led me out of my chair (when I went to a meeting) to the baptism tank where I was baptized by full immersion.

The first thing I found was that I could not swear or drink.  Big change.

A week later I received the Holy Spirit which changed me even more.  And all I wanted to do was tell other people about this incredible experience.

Since then I have seen many miracles of healing, people’s lives change for the better and 22 years later I am still thanking God for being with me through good and bad times.

Check it out!

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