Many miracles, and healing’s

My name is Karen, I was chosen by God when I did not believe in God. That didn’t stop God I’m a bit of a slow learner, and it took many ‘coincidences’ ‘good luck happenstances’ etc, over some years. Then He got serious about drawing me into His fold. I felt like someone was gently pulling at the left shoulder of whatever I was wearing at the time, and He never let up, it was day and night. Eventually I decided I WANTED to look for God. I had never been comfortable in church when I had gone to Sunday school. But through a set of circumstances too long to go into now, I was led to a place where they taught baptism by full immersion and praying to receive the Holy Spirit with Bible evidence of speaking in tongues. Having never heard of these things before it took me three weeks to receive my gift of tongues. With great Joy. Many things have happened, many miracles and healings, over the years since 1- 11-1992 I would like to share just one small one with you. I was carrying several house bricks, helping my husband with a building project on the house. I didn’t see the dip in the ground and stepped into it and went down hard, on my left knee. Tony raced to help me up, the pain was bad and as most people would, I put my hand on the knee, and to my surprise there was something sticking our (not through the skin but pushing about an inch out). Tony felt it and immediately said “stand still I’ll get the car”. He backed the car up to me, opened the door and helped me on to the seat and lifted my legs carefully in. The crying was easing, and being seated was taking the pain down also. I cupped my left hand over the left knee and prayed all the way to the Dr’s. When we got there, there was no pain at all and the bone had gone down, and there was no sign that anything had happened I praise God that He is always there when I need Him. And I will always praise Him because He is a mighty God and He loves me.

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