Healed by God

My name is Grant Hammond born in 1950 (an only child). My father died in front of me when I was twelve. I’d lost my best friend (we did a lot together), and little did I know at the time this would have a profound effect on my life. By the mid 1980’s I found myself really struggling with many problems (alcohol, depression, social isolation etc.) A contrast came via my sporting life. I raced speedway, played competition snooker and billiards and won a state single (1985) at lawn bowls. This was a real buzz, however, outside sport things were dragging me down. Remarkably around this time I’d become close to Janice and Michael, a courting couple, and rapidly becoming part of their whole family. This was quite amazing because I hadn’t experienced those feelings since dad died. I was basically a non-believer but by early 1986 I’d seen both Janice and Michael’s lives transformed by God. Soon after I was baptised and filled with the Holy Spirit (speaking in tongues). Incredibly I could now open the bible and relate my experience to the early Christian church – Acts 2:4, 37,38; Acts 10:44-48; Acts 11:14-17. This experience (with Jesus) changed my life and healed me of depression, cross eyes and swearing. I’d already been delivered from alcohol and felt more comfortable with people. Praise the Lord. Many blessings and miracles have followed. Healings from tonsillitis, poisoned foot, chronic back complaint (2 bulging discs) have saved me from trips to hospital. But more importantly I have a personal relationship with Jesus and a great big family (other born again believers) and many good friends.

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