He has never left me

Hello, my name is Deirdre. I was brought up in a Christian home and from a very young age I was taught about God and learned the bible stories. I knew that He loved and cared for me and that I was special to Him. As I got older I began to want the Holy Spirit that God offered and that Jesus made available through His death and resurrection. I kept asking in prayer and eventually I did speak in the wonderful spirit language, and I was then baptised in the ocean. When I came up out of the waters I felt clean and light – as though I had been carrying a very heavy burden and I was so joyfully happy :) Growing up in Jesus I soon learned that I needed to have my own relationship with Him and not rely on my parents. Continuing in prayer and reading the Word of God He has taught me and kept me through many trials. When, at times, I wandered off the path away from Him, He would patiently but firmly draw me back. It has been some 38 years now. He has never left me, always present giving comfort, direction, strength, wisdom, patience and hope. I have an autistic son which has been quite challenging but my God has helped me in every way in every difficult situation and has provided for my son when there seemed to be no help available – He ‘parted the waters’ and made a way just like the people of Israel through the Red Sea. Life can be rough but my God always provides an answer and a way to get through and always things work out for good! He is a God of restoration! I look forward for His coming, the Word talks about Jesus’ return when He will set up His kingdom on this earth. It will be wonderful, a kingdom of love and peace and justice and I am so grateful that He has chosen me my husband and my children to be a part of it.

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