I knew who Jesus was etc, but I did not have that personal relationship.

God has been in my life since I first heard of Him at age of 5, through an honorary “grandpa” I stayed with when my mother and I immigrated to Australia from Germany in May 1956. I then knew of Him, but I cemented my relationship with Him in the early morning of June 7th, 1987, when I received His Holy Spirit, and so begun my spiritual journey in earnest.
My mother and stepfather never went to Church in Port Augusta where I grew up, but sent me to Church every Sunday. I guess so that I could learn something about the one who created me and also to put money into their building fund for a new church. In 1963, I won/earnt a scholarship to an all-girls catholic boarding school for 5 years in Adelaide, 200 miles away south, so I spent 5 years learning more about God and Jesus. I was involved with the young Christian group, and we had to go to lots of masses in the beautiful little chapel…we spent some time going to a place called NUNYARRA, for retreat camps, meanwhile God was overshadowing my life and preparing me to really know Him.
When I left school in 1968, I remained in Adelaide to start my nursing training for 3 years. I only very occasionally went to the catholic cathedral as my working shifts prohibited going to Mass a lot of the time. Life went on. I met and married my late husband in Feb 3rd 1979… not in a church because I did not feel that I could promise to raise our future children as Catholics, and because Greg and I never went to Church, he being a nominal only “church of England”, and myself being a non-practicing catholic. We had 2 lovely daughters.
In the early morning hours at work, I was speaking to a work mate and we started talking about God. She told me lots of things but nothing was really new. I knew who Jesus was etc but I did not have that personal relationship that Janet had with the Father. The love of Christ literally oozed from her. We talked for some time and no real result happened. She then asked if I would like some prayer. Right at that moment I felt this was going to be one big decision… a yes answer could possibly change my life and a no answer would be the end of the conversation. I know I made the right decision to the Yes response and so began my walk with God in earnest. Through her amazing prayer I received the Holy Spirit then and there that morning (3 am)….I can never describe the joy that flooded my soul; I no longer had to find this man/God, Jesus. I no longer had to wonder which church had the “truth”, because there are so many religions out there, all saying and believing different things. Who had THE Truth?? That night I just knew that JESUS is THE
Way, THE Truth and THE Life. I knew he had died for MY sins, and that I was as guilty as those who had crucified Him. I bought a bible, first one ever so I could have His word with me. I was baptised by full immersion a few days later as we are commanded. I now have been a born again Christian for 29 years and every day is new and exciting to have relationship with the living God.

Just because I am a Christian does not mean my life has been a bed of roses… like all of us, I have had immense joy, immense tribulation, sorrow, every emotion we all experience. I am like Paul and have done what I don’t want to do and have not done what I want to do, as we still live in this earthly body. My love of God, Jesus, Holy Spirit sustains me every day, and I know that God sooooooo loved me that He gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. That is the reason I love my God, because I BELIEVE totally in Him. The greatest gift God could give us is Jesus. The greatest gift I believe I can give Him is my total love, adoration and worship, which will continue in the heavenly realm. There is so much more to my story but this story is my beginning of how I became a Christian. I would say my faith is Pentecostal but being “branded” as Christian means I am a follower of Christ. He is my good shepherd, leading me home, and as Simon and Garfunkel once sang “homeward bound, I wish I was etc etc… I KNOW where I am going and whom I am going to, and who I want to be with forever, my Father. All thanks to Jesus, my Lord and my Saviour. Karin Klose.

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