Why does God allow so much suffering in the world?

Long answer but necessary to understand the answer
In the beginning God created people and just one commandment was given “Don’t eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil for you will die” An enemy came along and convinced Eve this was not true so death came to mankind and the resulting causes with it. The trouble is now instead of blaming the devil who caused this problem people tend to say its God’s fault. Mankind chose to follow satan and listen to him and then blame God for their choices. Who makes wars God or man ? Who creates poverty God or man ? The more we as a human race try to make our lives count for good or bad the more we get into a mess because all our thinking comes from the knowledge of good or evil. Jesus came to bring us back to the original tree of life and to stop trying to work things out in our own way and to trust Him. The beginning of getting back to trusting God is to receive the Holy Spirit for which Christ died to give. Once we have been given the Holy Spirit Christ then works out our life for the good. The world through their own thinking that violence was the solution to defeat violence brought a solution from God and that was to flood the world. God’s solution today is to “Repent” or to change our way of thinking then to be baptised to wash away our old man or way of thinking and then to receive His Holy Spirit which will lead and guide and teach us in His ways until we meet Him again.
Which tree is leading your life ?

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