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I knew who Jesus was etc, but I did not have that personal relationship.


God has been in my life since I first heard of Him at age of 5, through an honorary “grandpa” I stayed with when my mother and I immigrated to Australia from Germany in May 1956. I then knew of

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A great and blessed life

Lyn Tankey

I was 12 when I received the Holy Spirit. I knew this with great certainty because I spoke in tongues just as the Bible described had happened to the first Christians in the Book of Acts. The following week I

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Transformed from a life of crime.


G’day folks, my name is Ronald and I had my life changed by the power of GOD’S HOLY SPIRIT about 30 years ago inside Adelaide Gaol. I had hit rock bottom and was searching for the meaning of life but

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Drawn to find an answer

Tom Hunter

My name is Thomas. This is my story. At the age of 20 I had come to the conclusion that life and the living of it was pretty futile (as we all die), possessions, fame, status nor money would be

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At the age of 24, Jesus called me

John Tepper

Hello my name is John Tepper. This is how I found Jesus Christ or really how He found me. I was born into a Lutheran family; my father was a Lutheran minister. From this I gained a belief in God

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Comforted through tragedy


1964 was the year in which my life changed for “eternity”. Hi, my name is Deb Baohm, and I am a born again Christian, baptized by full immersion, and filled with the Holy Spirit, speaking in unknown tongues as was

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My life changed as God began to teach me


As a child I went to Sunday school and always believed that there was a God and his son was Jesus. My mother bought me story books of Jesus which I loved. I attended a Sunday school which did not

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Form of righteousness but denied the power thereof


My name is Jesse. I was brought up in a religious family, and attended church regularly with my family and was quite familiar with the many bible stories. I was baptized as a baby with the sprinkling of water. The

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Testimony of Chris Tankey


I grew up in a Catholic family, well my father was a devout Catholic and he took care of the spiritual aspects of our young lives. Mum was Church of England but not a practicing one. All of my schooling was undertaken

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Why are we here?


My name is Jack. My son, at 14 years old asked me “Why are we here?”  I could not give him an answer!  A few years later he found the answer and told me! He went to a Pentecostal meeting

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Many miracles, and healing’s


My name is Karen, I was chosen by God when I did not believe in God. That didn’t stop God I’m a bit of a slow learner, and it took many ‘coincidences’ ‘good luck happenstances’ etc, over some years. Then He got serious

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Healed by God


My name is Grant Hammond born in 1950 (an only child). My father died in front of me when I was twelve. I’d lost my best friend (we did a lot together), and little did I know at the time this would

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He has never left me


Hello, my name is Deirdre. I was brought up in a Christian home and from a very young age I was taught about God and learned the bible stories. I knew that He loved and cared for me and that I was

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Brought up religious, but then he found God.


I was brought up in the Catholic Church and attended Catholic schools. Up until the age of 16 I accepted the teachings of the Church. However in my last year at school I started to question the teachings, which to me did

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